short players (Scottish) Single review

Minerva Wakes

This is the latest project of Jo and Nicky D’Arc, multi-talented artistes who, as well as Jo’s various DJing personae, also trade as Fife bass/drums duo The Twistettes.

However, ‘Tell Me’ is a dark and electronic goth triphop track which takes a bit of getting used to but repays with repeated listens. A bit impenetrable at first (to these ears), it is all about the backbeat and, when you realise this, it reveals itself as a real monstrous slow-burner…

Jo’s vocals are heavily treated and the electronic harmonies are a bit jarring at first but become quite wonderful when you get used to them… and there is also the use of a supremely wonderful stop/start effect near the end which just about knocked BM off her perch at first listen….

Respect due to the duo for pushing the proverbial boat out, and to their further evolution…