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Mile Me Deaf

Echo (Siluh)

By • Jul 10th, 2020 • Category: Album review

If this album were a novella, then it would be a page-turner, the kind of book you would read time and again, convinced you’d missed a chapter. According to lead songwriter Wolfgang Mostl, Mile Me Deaf are, here, writing songs about a world they basically destroyed. Well, good riddance because it was well worth it, guys.

Mile Me Deaf are a bit like Philip Glass and Spiritualized, in that the spikes stand out first and the slower weapons settle in later. There’s a pulsating, undercurrent of funk. By making our ears twitch and our hearts and knees vibrate, we’ll return to them, time and again.

This is the kind of album that you should put on last thing on a warm summer or early autumn evening, when you still want one last wee jolt of energy.

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