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Mike Zito

Resurrection (Hillside Global)

By • Jun 5th, 2021 • Category: Album review

Mike Zito is holding nothing back with his new blues-rock album ‘Resurrection’, due out on the 16th of July. The album sees Mike team up with Grammy-winning producer David Z and legends in the guitar space, including Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout and Chuck Berry’s Grandson, plus many more.

Kicking off the album in style is, ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ and akin to Mike’s backlog, it hits like thunder. Furthermore, the drums thump through the mix, and the guitar licks rip through the speaker grills with a sharp timbre. Similarly, Mike leads a memorable adventure with his gritty vocals oozing agility from the very first second.

‘In My Blood’ takes on a new route with a jazzy, soulful direction. It is somewhat chilled out when comparing it to the other tracks on the record, but it provides some breathing time ahead of ‘Presence Of The Lord’ and ‘When It Rains’, which get the rock groove back in motion.

Mike spoke about the new album and said: “I have songs in me and musical ideas all of the time. I write what I can when I can and try to save it all for posterity. Some of the songs are just songs, and they don’t always have meaning for me, and some become very personal. For me to sing songs and feel them with real emotion, they need to be somewhat personal.”

The album concludes with the stand out ‘Resurrection’, and the guitar solo echoes around with a ballad style trajectory. Mike then suddenly reaches for the mic and delivers potentially his most passionate vocal performance on the entire record. He is compelling, and his story leaves no ambiguity with him expressing how he has found a new lease of life. It sums the album up seamlessly and leaves us begging for more.

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