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Glasgow O2 ABC (Thursday 4 December)

By • Dec 9th, 2014 • Category: Gig review

Betty starts with an apology – about what she is going to say (don’t worry, the band were well good), but (lesson to self, don’t type in caps unless very furious BUT).

Changed days… So BM turned up at the ABCO2 (when will we see the Greggs Barrowlands, or the Dettol Barras, quite soon, toilets sure could do with some?) (sorry, are the lawyers asleep tonight?) with a spare ticket.

In days of yore some people, the maybe even happy-go-lucky (yes Paul Buchanan, talking ’bout you) might have just rolled up to a gig on the off-chance.

Well let BM tell you that social media has killed that one stone dead. BM had about 15mins to get rid of this ticket (face value £18+£2fee) – BM was touting for £10 (and let’s not talk about the other offers she got, this is a music website last BM looked, don’t try to lower the tone readers) and not a single person was there on the off-chance.

In fact one young person asked BM if she was legal (how very dare you) to offer a £18 ticket (that she had bought) for £10 on the night, well sorry Donald Findlay (legal team, awake?) ye can get it right up ye, arrest me now, Scotsquad’s finest… Young people… Babysitters…

So – all that happened is that BM made a tit of herself (are you listening Nigel, you 70s throwback?), BM has her eye on you and will play a part in your evisceration (always wanted to crowbar that word into print, thanks) if given the chance. There are a million different ways of ending his career, mass breast-feed event at HoP just the first, sorry this really is a gig review but just getting it off BM’s chest… (no missus), so you don’t have to…

Just smudged makeup, in the rain, zero £. – just like the old days, another life story away, readers, but not for tonight…

AND (rant alert) – don’t let’s get started (again) on the Manics this Monday (can we say this, legal team, Prince’s lawyers also wake up, oh just go back to sleep) – £65 on, the day the tickets went on sale. Last time BM looked this is LEGAL TOUTING so why are promoters or bands not noticing this? BM is really tempted to get angry about this, will get back to whoever actually has got this far on this review, because BM’s tits are aching and sure everyone else’s are as well. Ticketb++++ds…

(well there goes any chance of free U2 tickets, currently £212 per skull and rising, nice work if you can get it, All Tat You Can’t Leave off Your Behind… )

So, the Metronomy gig then…calm down already.

This is a posh band from England, very groovy, taking some cues (not gonnae get all Ray Reardon on you…ooff never mind, Steve Davis, no come back, am really reviewing the gig…) from Hot Chip, via Jacques Du Cont, JMJ (that’s Jean Michael to you, BM had him in the 70s but we aren’t going to talk about that…) and possibly a snatch (don’t go there, self-editing here so you don’t have to, readers) of Kraftwerk, but essentially Engurlish.

Originally set for the O2 Academy, the show was moved to ABC and around 65% full, with an audience mainly young people, students (BM now sounding like MES or Coogan’s Paul here – ask your dad). This lot have had a good year – third album release went well, loads of Festival Fun and just arrived back from large-ish South American tour. A touring five-piece led in the main by chief songwriter, one other guy taking a spot for “his” song, a bass player who was fab throughout, and female drummer lending some efficient and classy beats – other members a bit faceless but matching suits helped.

Most material was from this year’s long-player (ask your gran) and very good it was too. BM did however get the feeling this was the last leg of a very long year, the rather groovy up-lit keyboard stands, the lights focusing upon the easy on the eye female drummer, the matching white suits etc and they were getting ready for a well-earned break after the other UK commitments had been fulfilled.

(and apologies here as BM has mislaid notes, quite detailed in fact, of various songs, so you won’t get the benefit, readers)

Highlights were… pretty much all of it in fact, the Beatles cover ‘Here Comes The Sun’ enjoyable but for the nagging memories of the next couple of songs on that “song cycle” (ask Graeme Obree) – bit of Abbey Rd (ask your gran’s milkman) circa 1969 (ask Iggy, not Azalia) still lingering in the memory…

Last song of the encore was from deepest, darkest 2006(!) and was thrashy and committed – liked it…

And when it was all over (as usual at ABC around 6.30pm, ok 10.20 if you’re lucky) BM was still raging about official ticket rip-offs, what are we gonnae do about this, readers? Answers on the back of a shat-on [email protected]@@@@basterds tour jacket would be appreciated. There are other people also very unhappy about this (indeed, at least one of them writing here – Ed) should ITM join with them to confront the farces of ebol?


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