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Meg Lawrenson

Use My Body (BFS)

By • Jun 20th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Meg Lawrenson is back and even bolder than ever before. Her new single has the indie edge we are all craving but also has plenty of pop to keep it current.

I first heard this new track from the upcomer on my regular morning jog. What a treat it was. It has plenty of energy and gave me an endorphin rush which I do not often get with this type of track.

It starts with a bang. The lead guitar and thumping drums make the perfect opener, and it introduces her signature sound clearly to those like myself who are new to her mob.

Vocally, Meg provides plenty of poise. She sounds similar to some of the best names to come out of pop-rock. But yet she has plenty of originality too. The verse is catchy, but the chorus is the real hook. Also, lyrically she takes us on an adventure, and she expresses her experience of love transparently.

The track for me is all about a hit or miss relationship. I am sure we have all been there with a hot and cold potential mate — one minute they want us, the next they don’t. I like the vulnerability of the artist, and she is wearing her heart on her sleeve; more artists should take note. Nevertheless, I would have liked to have heard a little more originality in the structure of the track; I could predict what was coming next and leaving a little more open to the imagination would have worked wonders.

However, it is a mighty release from Meg Lawrenson, and I am sure many will agree. You can take a listen to ‘Use My Body‘, and find out more at /

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