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Mayah Herlihy

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By • Mar 31st, 2021 • Category: Single review

Mayah is only 14 years old but she has some voice – she reached no, 1 in the UK Country charts with her last single and this self-penned number is the follow up. From Lanarkshire, she tackles this upbeat song with great confidence and optimism.

The track has some nice country vibes, the acoustic guitar joined by a full band during the first verse. Strumming, a couple of guitar flourishes, and a nice backbeat.

A classic song structure, with a vocal line which suits Mayah’s voice very well, this is a great production job and credit to all concerned. Some minor chords make this interesting and when the chorus comes it is a like release from the doubts of life – uplifting and very catchy, this is likely to build on her previous success, and well-deserved it is too.

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