Album review

Mark Wynn

Oh yes, Mark Wynn has attitude, and oh dear, this review is a bit overdue and I have to say (and it’s a terrible admission) that I originally requested this release to review because I confused him with Steve Wynn (ex of paisley underground legends The Dream Syndicate).

But it’s not him, is it? Mark Wynn is a northern English “artiste” – a bit like the comic bits of Frank Sidebottom crossed with like the more likeable bits of Mark E Smith, although I believe he hails from York.

It’s not pretty, lots of yelling, but there’s a bit of bonkers integrity there, and you really have to make your own mind up, like lots of things released on the interc&&& there’s not much official context or history unless you prostitute yourself by signing up to various social media, the curse of the modern age, don’t get me started etc… I can give you all the links but really, P”” off, search them yourself.

Good luck to this cocky bastard though, there’s some edge and talent there, just what Modern Britain needs…