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Man of Moon

Ride the Waves (Instinctive Racoon)

By • Feb 20th, 2019 • Category: Single review

This is another welcome return – Man of Moon released some great stuff in the last year or two, and live they have been a revelation.

‘Ride the Waves’ is a slow burner, brimming with undercurrents of The Doors (yes really), Joy Division and TSS.

The maelstrom of biffing beats reaches a peak with the amazing guitar solo and higher pitched vocals toward the end…

Glorious and emphatic – these guys know what they are doing, just let them do it! They do it so well…

And they are like buses, these Man of Moon tracks – no sooner has BM reviewed the last one, another one – ‘Skin’ – is pimped by the NME ! (Looks like they’re from eh forthcoming ‘Chemicals’ EP – Ed)

It is a bloody great track, dark and throbbing, with synths and electronic percussion to the fore – shades of Depeche Mode (no bad thing at all) and a great vocal line.

There is a vocal breakdown about “chemicals” (aha! – Ed) “on my skin” and some of the percussion is like samples, but probably homemade, no matter…

The tune is great, maybe their best achievement to date – vocals still very Scottish, and it’s such a great listen, then it breaks down into a techno-ish breakdown, absolutely wonderful…

For whose who want to dance (and that includes BM) this is maybe one of 2019’s defining tracks.

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