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Malcolm Middleton

Scaffolding / Have Fun Mister (Triassic Tusk)

By • May 12th, 2019 • Category: Single review

Another typically dark but reverberative release from MM , and brand new i.e. not from his most recent album, September 2018’s ‘Bananas’. It is piano and guitar led with MM’s trademark downbeat lyrics “I don’t think I wanna be your baby anymore”.

There is some amazing acoustic guitar work from Malc and the other instrumentation chitters around him – wonderful. The closing refrain of “too much scaffolding” is both threatening and weird – some great work! Recorded at Chem19 by Paul Savage along with the great Graeme Smillie on keys and bass, this is pure class.

B-side ‘Have Fun Mister’ is another maybe even deeper rumination on life: “Find your way don’t take any shit…” with a catchy set of riffs, touching on lost friendships or lost love. The syncopated beats are clever, with electronic drumbeats, building into words on family ties and childhood, then some philosophy about the shortness of life, also “Religion is a waste of time” – and all in just over 5 minutes… and who said pop music was trivial? The closing words are about love, and return to “you won’t remember me” – another MM classic, really – nobody does this sort of thing any better.

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