Single review


LZYBY is the pop newcomer whom everybody is talking about at the moment. Why? Because his new release ‘Frustration’ speaks for the generation with a message which rings true instantly.

Taking us back a few decades musically, LZYBY cleverly brings an 80s influence back to the forefront of modern pop. Does he delve too far into yesteryear? I would say no, because why change something which works so well? Furthermore, his style links to some of the biggest dance bands from the 80s and 90s, and he boasts a thumping bass hit which does not sit in a place with the modern chart. However, I enjoy this approach because it comes just that little bit different, and we are consumed with too much similar pop these days.

Vocally, LZYBY is a whiff of fresh air. Moreover, he gets his message across conspicuously, and he speaks about how the modern generation live. Also, at times, his lyrics touch on the ‘frustration’ which we all facing right about now. Especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, his tone could cut through glass, and I enjoy how he places his vocals right in the focal point for the entirety of the piece.

As the track progresses, a myriad of new sounds appear. For me, it seems that anything could work on this track musically because it is a cocktail of all things fabulous from the archives of pop. Furthermore, the beat stays simplistic but energetic. The rhythm flows like a waterfall, and the synth will have you running to the latest indie basement.

However, LZYBY is still early in his career; therefore, he will need even more gems like this one to cement his name deep. But, if this track is anything to go by, it will not surprise me to see him topping festival bills in the years to come.

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