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Lyle Christine

The Landed Gentry (Flaky)

By • Mar 18th, 2017 • Category: Album review

One of a ever-increasing number of solo artists making bedroom DIY music, Lyle Christine is no newcomer to this game.

His seventh solo album in eight years (following a few before that as part of grunge outfit Stigma) is a meandering mix of genres and indeed volumes. Opener ‘Wilting Member’ is a tuneful acoustic workout that careers into a wall of noise.

Rock roots are evident, but old school guitar riffd meld with electronic blips and squawks in what seems at times to be a headlong rush to go off at the next tangent.

As he sings in ‘Safe as Poppies’ “I’d like to place an order / For chaos and disorder”. Sold!

(This review originally appeared in the Sunderland Echo)

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