Single review

Lydia Singer

‘Lemme Know’ is the latest release to come from Milton Keynes artist, Lydia Singer. It is a fresh delivery with ‘Singer’ crafting a unique position with a direction which is awe-inspiring.

Kicking off is a synth lead which gradually rises to the surface. A gentle guitar rhythm then strums away before Lydia arrives with a top-class vocal performance. She gets straight to the point lyrically, and I savour this approach. For me, far too many songs mince around before getting into the nitty-gritty, but we do not hear that here on ‘Lemme Know’.

Vocally, Lydia puts her talent on display from the get-go. She has an angelic head voice, and she delves into the sweeter notes impeccably. So much so, she sounds angelic. Also, I can hear a lot of close similarities to some of the greatest singers who have been gracing the pop airwaves in recent times. However, Lydia is no replica, and she provides something unique with a performance which is sure as hell going to fire her up to the top.

Musically, the track comes with a lot of talking points. The beat is unorthodox and does not follow a set structure which we hear all too often these days. It changes pace regularly, and it sits alongside an unusual cowbell sounding instrument. Also, the rhythm flows nicely, and it is easy to sway into her corner. However, I would enjoy a little more bass in the track, given that it sounds relatively light on various speaker systems.

Overall, ‘Lemme Know’ is a breadwinner. It is exciting, and although it remains chill for most of the duration, the energy still flows, and Lydia leaves us pining for more.

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