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Cheap Talk EP (Sweet Jane)

By • Jan 20th, 2019 • Category: short players

God this is rather good… Glasgow combo Lucia have a hooky, plangent take on music and it certainly rocks! First track on this EP (it is from 2018 so not exactly new) is the title track and it comes across as summery (wrong season for this maybe…?), pummeling, self-confident and ballsy.

Fronted by Lucia Fairfull, this lot have been gigging a lot but BM has unfortunately missed them, but resolves to try to catch them in 2019. Funnily enough the next song is titled ‘Summertime’ and is about that time of year… This was the lead single and it is pure powerpop, the riffs, the harmonies, the thundering backline, good grief…

Track three ‘All the Money in the World’ is again super-confident, and this confidence is infectious… Some harder riffage and some Debbie Harry ‘Rapture’-esque rapping… enormous, and a real banger, complete with brief guitar solo meltdown… The closing rap is hilarious, like a 14 year old’s demands for… bus tickets… WTF!

The closing tune opens with Glitter Band-esque drums (is BM allowed to say that, if not take it down, Editor of mine!)… ‘What Am I’ is another swaggering track, come and have a go if you think you are poppy enough, but again does not disappoint, with a rousing chorus, and more guitar solo explorations.., An immense coda, recalling maybe Chrissie Hynde vs The JAMC, and you can have that one for free guys, you have certainly done the fucking work for it!

BM may be a bit behind the curve on Lucia but better late than never – new favourite band perhaps, but this is a crowded field in Scotland in early 2019, mind…

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