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Lowri Evans

For those unfamiliar with Lowri Evans, her newest offering, ‘Corner of my Eye’ should give you some food for thought.
Nominated as Welsh Artist of the Year, bi-lingual and singing since the age of seven, Evans is like one of those rare gold nuggets, not often found, nestling within the Welsh valleys.
With influences ranging from folk, country, Americana and blues, the ten tracks on the album offer much to fall in love with over the course of its 30 minute time frame.
The album plays like a lament to loss and love with Evan’s vocals very much at the forefront of every song. This is no bad thing.
The title track, and first single, which shares the albums name, showcases Evans voice in all its distinctive, quivering tones and hues.
The Country influences glimmer through on the guitars for ‘Because of You’, but it’s the edges of Evans vocals, where the hints of her Welsh background shine, that gives the song so much more character and weight.
The country influence continues through ‘Treacherous Heart’ where there’s richness and depth to be found within. Evans pairs up with the albums co-producer, Lee Mason, for vocal duties on this track and others and it’s a choice which complements the tone of the album well.
There’s a familiarity throughout of feeling you’ve met these songs before, like a long-lost friend you hadn’t thought much about, but now they’re here, you’re glad they came. Littered with simple, yet effective, melodies, ‘Can’t Say for Sure’, ‘Deep Inside’ and ‘Hello Love’ are simplistic, and aching in their beauty.
And as Evans sings,”You’ve got such a beautiful face” on ‘Talk to Me’, you genuinely believe every single note of what she says.
The album ends on ‘Love Hate’ a track which incorporates the idea of the album as a whole, ‘You talk about love, like you know, what it is, you’re talking about.’ But it’s clear from the ten songs on ‘Corner of my Eye’ that Lowri does in fact understand the concept. In fact, she understands it very well.
If ‘Corner of my Eye’ has anything to offer, it is the understated beauty with which its main protagonist delivers her lines. It’s Evans vocals which shine out amongst the tracks. Beautiful in places, reflective throughout ‘Corner of my Eye’ is a great soundtrack to those days where you just need some time to reflect.

The album is released on 4th November with the first single, ‘Corner of My Eye’ released on 14th October. Lowri also has tour dates planned in England and Wales through until November.

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