Album review Scottish albums


One of the things about being part of the big Fence happy family is that if you ever fancy remixing your tunes (or indeed if you require an accordian player, a support band or even a babysitter) you’ll always have someone you can call on.
In this case, LRS can call on a fair few helpful chums to work on their previous EP and album Remembering. Having not heard these I can’t comment on how they sound normally, but I’m guessing that the input from the guest producers isn’t massive.
However, that’s no criticism. LSR make gentle electronica with only the slightest folk influence. Thus, ‘Remembering’, as ‘done’ by Adem, takes in a bit of fast glitchiness and incidentally, perhaps the only welcome use of a moothie on a record, ever – while King Creosote’s contrbutes too with some extraneous keyboard sounds which may or not have been there before – KC also has perhaps the band’s best tune in ‘Pictures’ to work on… label owners’ privileges?
Reporter cannot be blamed for his contribution I’m sure, as it does sound, kind of, like Dido as reworked by Vangelis (the later part more acceptable!)
There’s 10 of these ‘friends of Fence including someone called “Bloke” (hmm, wonder if it’s just KC or someone incognito) but his contribution – which may or may not have added accordian! – is pretty decent, though the base material is of high quality I’m quite sure. OnTheFly adds a simple beat and comes up with something that sounds like Swimmer One fronted by Bjork, while AC Hum rather deconstructs, I assume, leaving helium-fueled vocals low in the mix and throwing guitars and pianos around like he’s tossing windchimes into a skip. That’s not a complaint though, while LSR’s sound may be good he guarantees that it’s a rather different feel that they get form his work. As does John Amino’s mix, a broody atmospheric instrumental piece which draws a smart album, all the way down to its cloth-inlaid sleeve, to a close.