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Glasgow O2 Academy (Wednesday April 25th)

By • May 5th, 2012 • Category: Gig review

Welsh rockers Lostprophets finally returned to Glasgow’s O2 Academy armed with ‘Weapons’… not literally of course, we’re talking about their fifth studio album which was released on April 2nd this year. The six-piece are currently promoting their new record with an extensive tour including 14 dates around the UK.

A cold and stormy evening consisting of relentless April showers were certainly no hindrance to the audience who were out in full force supporting their favourite rock heroes at the O2 Academy as they awaited patiently for Lostprophets arrival.

The stage was dressed in bold attire promoting ‘Weapons’ and the room filled with atmospheric smoke until the lights faded to darkness. The crowd roared with excitement during the short but sweet introduction as drummer Luke Johnson started the show with shattering drumbeats, closely followed by the intense opening guitar line of new single ‘Bring ‘Em Down’ where guitarists Lee Gaze and Mike Lewis cascaded around the front of the stage along with keyboardist Jamie Oliver and bassist Stuart Richardson. The audience worked up to final ignition when frontman Ian Watkins emerged into the venue as he weighed up the crowd from afar with a solemn expression on his face.

Unlike his usual high-spirited character, Watkins slowly walked towards the microphone stand and it was apparent that he was still in agony from the previous nights A&E trip which he had been rushed off to for a problem with his ribs at the end of their Aberdeen show.

Back to Glasgow’s performance and it was evident that Watkins health had no signs of great improvement as every step was taken in slow motion as he battled throughout the set. However, albeit somewhat subdued, the frontman courageously maintained his perfected showmanship as he ruled the stage with a megaphone during the group’s newer tracks including the angst driven ‘Better Off Dead’.

A brief cover of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses brightened up the atmosphere in the venue before the band launched into their monumental stadium anthem ‘Where We Belong’ at which Oliver grabbed the audiences attention by leaving his keyboard for center stage with Watkins, frequently obliging everyone to sing along, concluding in the O2 Academy venue pulsating with crowd chants.

Lostprophets then kicked straight into classics from their ever popular early records ‘Start Something’ and ‘Liberation Transmission’ both surprisingly dominating the majority of their setlist for the night, accompanied by the odd tune from ‘The Fake Sound Of Progress’ thrown in for good measure. All of which resulted in the groups hardcore fans going wild with elation, especially upon the return of hearing ‘Last Train Home’ and the unforgettable ‘Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja’ the latter subsequently causing immense carnage in the moshpit.

Completing their incredible set with an adverse choice for a closer, ‘Sway’ brought out the groups more unseen emotive side compared with the rest of the nights rather chaotic and rowdy performance, yet the group nailed it on the spot for the crowd as they all cheered in a mass sea of approval.

Throughout the 15 or so years that Lostprophets have been together, it’s no surprise that the six-piece are one of those greatly admirable bands that many people adore to this day. Their consistent effort to produce flawless albums and perform one of the most astounding shows continually manages to wow their fanbase, new and old. From here, we can only wonder where Lostprophets will be in another few years time.
(Photos by Nicola Sharkey –

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