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Lord Cut Glass

Dunfermline Carnegie Hall (Saturday May 16th)

By • May 7th, 2009 • Category: Feature

It’s four years to the month since the Delgados announced they were splitting up, and while Emma Pollock almost immediately got back in the writing and recording saddle, co-frontperson Alun Woodward has been notably quiet.
Aside from a couple of songs on compilations, including a Ballads of the Book collaboration with Alasdair Gray, Woodward has, we hope, been working towards his live debut (well, almost) for itm? and Tigerfest – as well as an album slated for June release. The full set of backing musicians – “between 7-10” in number – are in rehearsal in preparation for the Carnegie Hall show on May 16th. itm? caught up with the, now, sole leader of the band.

How does it feel, after the layoff to be back writing, recording, playing live?

Well, I never really stopped writing and recording, it’s just that I am pretty slow at both of them. I think I am looking forward to playing live although its maybe too early to say if I will enjoy it. Ask me that again in October.

So what were you doing all that time? Emma got her solo thing going pretty fast, Stewart Henderson was working on the label and Paul producing – what were you up to

I was in Chemikal Underground and writing and recording the record for this period. I wasn’t bothered about being fast with an album – I just wanted it to be the right album.

How much difference has there been between the way the Delgados songwriting worke, and now, with you working exclusively alone?

It is a big difference, as with the Delgados it was very much a group effort after the initial writing of the song. With this album I did everything – hence it taking 4 years.

With Paul and Jamie Savage and a few other faces in the live band, have you gone for tried and tested musicians – safe pairs of hands?

Mostly it is people who played on the album including Paul, as although he is of small brain I do like how he drums.

Did you consider recording the album for a label other than Chemikal?

I only thought about making a record and when it was finished I knew it had to come out on Chemikal Underground.

With the full band the Carnegie will be a great place to put on a show like this – will you go for something a bit epic in sound? Will you be happy enough stripping stuff down to acoustic etc as required?

I want to be able to play a few different line ups of the album. The Carnegie Hall show will be close to the album in sound and then I am off to Japan with an accordionist, bass and half drum kit – so yes I am keen to try all sorts.

Lord Cut Glass plays Tigerfest at the Carnegie Hall, with Chemikal labelmates Angil + Hiddentracks, and De Rosa, on May 16th.


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