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Lonely Tourist

Four Phone Calls (Tourist Info)

By • Apr 1st, 2021 • Category: Single review

Paul Tierney has been getting some radio airplay with this track, and deservedly so – BM has been a long time fan of the exiled-in-Bristol Scot but hasn’t really kept up with his output.

This single is a low-key acoustic ditty chronicling the longterm relationships a lot of people have with their families, well parents in this case. There are shades of the Scottish cringe, where not much is said, but the overall tone is tender and loving, although removed by many miles.

It recalls four phonecalls between the son and his parents – and what is said…

It is a mild but subtle form of social commentary about people growing older, and also the prodigal son having to move away to make a life for himself. The music is cleverly also incidental, and it is like a little slice of soap opera, with a couple of dark corners shone into but not really explored.

Very clever, true to life and true to lockdown as well! “Hang on, I’ll just get your mother”…

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