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Lonely Tourist

Remuneration (Tourist Info)

By • Mar 7th, 2018 • Category: long players

Following the pub-themed Plume of Feathers album, Paul Tierney adopts his Lonely Tourist guise once again for this set of 13 tunes themed around the business of work.

His whistle-stop tour of the UK’s workplaces takes us from the barber’s to the ‘Luxury Coach’ where “nine to five is a luxury”, all the way to the word-juggling, laugh-out-loud ‘Stunt Double’, where the narrator is ”thrown off a bridge by Daniel Craig”.

In a fine mix of acoustic songs and more produced numbers with former bandmate Jim Lang, ‘Last Day At Tony’s stands out, a noise-strewn anthem in the the vein of their old band Odeon BeatClub.

Again Tierney has proved himself to be a talented observational songwriter full of wit and insight but never stinting on a hook and a tune. Surely soon the fruits of his labour will be rewarded – handsomely.

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