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Lomond Campbell

This was released back in March (remember, when we skipped gaily to gigs and pubs like we actually could…).

Lomond Campbell is known for his acoustic guitar singer/songwriter material so this is a bit of a turnip for the books, as they say.

All tracks on this EP are instrumental synth, nay, analogue synth tracks – and they are very good.

Apart from a few Jean-Michael Jarre (ask your dad) flashbacks he nails the genre pretty well…

Of the six tracks here, track 3, ‘Octakdisco’ is probably BM’s fave, some squelchy sounds and a driving beat, moving into improv territory at times….

‘Ohmic’ has shades of ‘Run’ from Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, with the modulation but is very good indeed and gives the listener that link between prog/Krautrock of the 70s and the 90’s post-rave act like The Orb – done with real skill and love BM thinks…

Track five is slower and more ponderous and would work well for a film soundtrack intro – the bottom line here is that, LC, you are pretty darn good at this!

Don’t give up the day job but some of these could be pretty commercial in the right hands…