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Send For That (download)

By • Jul 12th, 2018 • Category: short players

Loki aka “The Scottish Rapper” has increased his profile via a few other media activities recently but let’s just concentrate on the music here – a six track EP released in June, each track with a different produced (BM assumes that also provide the beats…).

‘Don’t Explain’ starts with a film dialogue extract (about lions) and a nice deep vocal relaxed sample but when Loki starts rapping he is furious – the references are multiple, a blizzard of words and put-downs…as blistering a stream as ever.

‘Paisley’ continues in the same vein, splattering language across the backing track.. and ‘Politics’ does more of the same, with a brooding backing track. “Came a long way from standing on a dole line, like a canary in a coalmine” is a flipping great line, and there are so many good lines here…

‘Maw Rap’ is minimal, with the scratches on the backing track deliberate while ‘Omega’ starts with another US-originated sample.

‘Send For That’ is also quite amazing, another well-chosen sample with those words, good grief…

Spiky and potentially divisive, it won’t be everyone’s brew, but you have got to hear it…

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