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Lime Juice

Quietude (1228687 Records DK)

By • Jul 23rd, 2020 • Category: Single review

Lime Juice are smashing it with their fresh release ‘Quietude’. It has all the indie flavours you would expect from a band like this, yet they also add a new fusion to make for something we do not hear all too often.

Kicking off the track is a steady and upbeat intro with the guitars gliding through the mix and a beat which thumps like thunder. Once we get the intro out of the way, an angelic vocal greets us with the singer bringing a sense of nostalgia while staying genuine to the modern scene.

What I relish most is that they have gone for an unorthodox approach. So much so I doubt you will hear a similar vocal elsewhere. Yes, the band have taken influence, and it adds to the essence, but Lime Juice still has a unique attribute which sets them miles apart from everybody in the current indie world.

The track is upbeat yet provides plenty of poignancy too with the emotion soaring through the mic. I could not help but tap along with its infectious rhythm and nail-biting lyricism. But, I would love to hear more of the instruments we hear in the latter earlier. It takes some time to get going, but when it does, wow it excites.

Overall, it is a track which I cannot fault. Lime Juice brings a new edge to the party but yet it is not too out there that you wonder where they are going. I also like the approach they have taken with the distinct structure and just about anything goes on this track, and it makes for a refreshing listen.

You can listen to ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below. Also, keep up to date with their next releases by following them on their official social media accounts here.

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