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Leyland Kirby (The Caretaker)

Everywhere At The End Of Time (History Always Favours The Winners)

By • Apr 2nd, 2019 • Category: Album review

BM has followed Leyland Kirby through his early noughties annihilations (as V/VM) of “popular” artists such as Shakin’ Stevens and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Under the above moniker he has settled down into something like ballroom death musik, almost like found recordings from a remembered past, spooky and eldritch but strangely nostalgic.

There are a huge 50 tracks here and BM cannot pretend she has listened to the lot, but some highlights are C1 ‘A Losing Battle is Raging’. All apparently are instrumental, quite often orchestrated, and it is not clear whether all are originals or “sourced” – some have added scratches or background noise.

This is a massive opus, and has a air of finality about it. There are extracts of big band, jazz, swing and the rest. All BM can say is draw yer own conclusions – Kirby is nothing if not thorough and there are some great tunes in here, albeit presented in a ghostly way…

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