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Les Bof!

A (mostly) Scottish combo in love with the 60s French ‘yeh yeh’ bands who went ape for Les Beatles at the time, Les Bof! have been loving them ever since…

They certainly fill an unlikely position in the Scottish music scene in 2019 but it is most welcome. The Edinburgh-based quartet have the riffs and the licks so BM is really enjoying this 14 track album and ‘cos she can speak a bit of French, she can enjoy some of the titles, at least….

Standouts ‘Vie De Chien’ is a plangent rockabilly number apparently celebrating the life of a dug – excellent! – while ‘Je Suis le Boss’ is fairly self-explanatory, gilded again by the beats and in this case some great moothie.

BM salut(e)s their commitment to this kind of music – and may have to go back to these French classes again, because it truly can be the language of love, and rock n roll, as these guys prove.