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Leonidas & Hobbes

Mo’ Machines (Hobbes)

By • Jul 11th, 2015 • Category: Single review

THE popularity of electronic music is riding high at the moment. Some would argue that since its origins in the 1980s, electro has never really slowed down. Fusing cutting-edge tech with traditional DJ knack for beats and rhythms, the whole movement is enjoying a near 30-year renaissance.

Diversity is, like most music genres, key to success. And hoping to enjoy the fruits of their very different labours is duo Leonidas & Hobbes. Fresh, clean cut and brimming with new ideas, their latest EP Mo’ Machines is as refreshing as it is enjoyable.

In the 21st Century, electro tends to fall into two categories. Either it’s boundary pushing to the point of just plain weird. Or it’s a kitsch throwback to the days of Pong, Super Mario and Pacman.

Yes, there might be more layers to this complex scene than that simple analogy, but for the purposes of casual listeners, it can seem wholly bland, bordering on the simple. What Mo’ Machines does is deliver three accessible tracks from ambitious young musicians hoping to be heard above the din.
‘Turn U Round’, ‘Mo’ Moody’ and ‘Sputnik’ are poppy, dance tunes that maintain a certain charm throughout. Simple, fun and tight, the whole EP is a short, sharp dose of electro that can be accesses by harder fans and those not so clued up on their keyboard etiquette alike.

There’s nothing hugely groundbreaking here but that doesn’t seem to matter. Simple compositions that are executed well are the order of the day. It’s much like getting a vanilla ice cream cone in a world swimming with cookie dough, chocolate fudge sundaes and octopus flavoured sorbet. Back to basics and safe, that’s what Mo’ Machines delivers and does it well.

The EP isn’t going to light up any charts but that’s not the point. An accomplished piece of work by a collaboration that know their audience, fanbase and limits. A nice and likeable release.

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