short players (Scottish) Single review

Leo Fox

The frontman of Edinburgh rockers Hagana has, we presume, missed making music with his alt.rock/grunge bandmates during lockdown.

‘Fall’ blends a rush of guitars with keyboard, like Bob Mould having a stab at the pop charts. A solo effort, maybe he’s not missing his bandmates .. ok, in the sense that while this might be even better played in a dank basement bar, it’s a pretty good fist of an excellent post-grunge tune, which could turn out to be a proverbial ‘live favourite’.

Which makes what follows a bit of an anti-climax. Second tune ‘Go’ is a pleasant enough ditty and perhaps offers some respite after the intensity of its predecessor, but the promise was great.

And the title track is again a bit chilled, perhaps ideal for the forthcoming hazy days of summer and not impossible that it could form an anthem in the vein of Verve or (baulk) even Oasis. All fine for a solo side project, but ‘Fall’ might just be one to pass muster with the rest of the band once gigs are allowed again?