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Laid Blak

About Time (Sugar Shack)

By • Aug 25th, 2019 • Category: Album review

The trials and tribulations of relationships run through all here.

It owes a lot to both UB40 and Bob Marley. From the former, you get a finely-tuned sense of rhythm. From the latter, you get sensitive and finely wrought lyrics.

Tracks like ‘Little Bit Of This’, ‘Mic Man’ and ‘Hold On’ set out moods of love, regret and redemption. We get to explore where these meet and the effects this has on us.

It is far from as black and white as its cover. At times, you hear certain things upfront. At others, you only think you do.

This is a very good late summer album as you can feel the sun going gently down as it spins on, lifting or mellowing your mood, depending upon how you’re inclined.

Subjects such as Stephen Lawrence and war and mans general inhumanity to man are addressed with maturity, grace and tunefulness.

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