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King of the Slums

Artgod Dogs (854878)

By • Jan 20th, 2019 • Category: long players

Their 90s releases made King of the Slums NME darlings, but they missed out on Britpop – probably just as well…

But here they are, back with blistering new material – this new release takes the classic KOTS scabrous approach – thrashing guitars, spitting vocals, strong basslines and thundering drums. Lyrical content is typically sarcastic, wilful and fucking excellent! They are from Manchester and there are inevitably shades of The Chameleons, The Fall, no bad pedigree.

There are some great titles in these 14 songs, and they kick up a maelstrom of discontent, bad attitude and middle-aged (now) ennui…

BM faves on this album are the violent ‘Cut Throat Living’ and the lower bpm ‘Storm Linda Pt1’ which menaces over Lancashire… gloriously…

Every one of these tracks is seriously well thought-out and BM is hugely impressed, but would expect nothing less of a band which has a back catalogue of ‘Fanciable Headcase’ and a number of other modern classics, tackling race issues and class issues head-on in the 90s while Morrissey was still in full flow – (one of them is still credible now, guess which…)

Still fronted by founder member Charley Keigher alongside some more recent additions to the lineup, it sounds like the spirit of this band is still alive and kicking, and that is enough…

The thrash of ‘Pigeon Land’ is a pure wig-out and sounds as if they are enjoying themselves, the key thing for any band in their “middle ages” – so that is quite amazing. And this old fan is enjoying this immensely.. so all is well.

‘Crow Syndrome’ could almost be a Madchester lost rave classic – and has a few Sean Ryder throwaway lines, and guitar lines – while some Manc acts of the era tread the comeback circuit these guys are fashioning new and relevant music

The band plat the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on 2nd March.

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