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Kid Canaveral / Popup / No Parasan @ 13th Note, Thu Feb 19

Glasgow 13th Note (Thursday 19th February)

By • Feb 17th, 2009 • Category: itm? live

Celebrating the second year of regular itm? third-Thursday-of-the-month gigs at the 13th Note, we welcome back a couple of old favourites from the past 23 shows. Opening, however, Edinburgh’s No Parasan, already itm? favourites making their live debut (for us, obviously).

St Andrews’ sons and daughters Kid Canaveral have appeared at the Note at least twice and possibly another time when your writer was absent… anyway, they offer infectious pop fun, the kind that 7″ vinyl was invented for – but with exhilarating live performances to boot.

PopupWhich description could apply to Popup as well as it happens. The hardest-working band in (Scots indie) rock, their album A Time and a Place is an undiscovered gem of 2008. Live, thanks to playing roughly 3 gigs per day since their formation, they’re genuinely and quite literally unmissable live. Trust us on this.

9pm, a fiver to you, squire. Maybe less. Either way, be there.

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