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Kid Canaveral / Big Joanie / Broken Chanter / Malcolm Middleton

Xmas Baubles @ Edinburgh Summerhall (Saturday December 15th 2018)

By • Dec 20th, 2018 • Category: gig reviews

So it was a dire day with the weather when BM got out the long distance high heels and traipsed along to Xmas Baubles 9 (or IX for the Romans among you).

There were some great acts but BM will focus on just a few due to time and logistics etc (and sadly not closing act Spook School).

Given it was their own party, Kid Canaveral elected to play early, like 2.30pm early, which is quite early. They played in the rather macabrely (not a word…)-named ‘Dissection Room’ (well it was a Vet College so the students had to learn somehow, ok, any more stupid questions?)

So The Kid played a “rarities” set, consisting mainly of early singles and b-sides, and very good it was too – and banter was exchanged about merch available etc.

There was a very funny indeed “interview podcast” between Johnny Lynch aka Pictish Trail and Lost Map supremo and Malcolm Middleton. What did we learn? MM was invited to his local primary school (where he is a parent) as a part of “What Dad/Mum does as a job” and realised only two songs from all seven albums are suitable for kids.. He was persuaded to do a couple of acoustic tracks, which were very good indeed although the mood was almost killed dead when he suggested PC could join in with “Kenny’s parts”… ooff Scottish indie handbags at dawn…

Next up for review was Big Joanie, a three-piece from London who are stirring things up with their own unique and pretty cool take on Indiepop. They referenced JAMC, The Shop Assistants and other Scottish indie acts from the stage, and yes they have that have that certain style but are definitely their own people, with their own sound – and it is excellent.

Broken Chanter just blew BM away, there is an album due next year, but the combined firepower of MacGregor, Delorean, Mitchell and Tait was quite something. Some of these songs are just blinders, sublime and headed for greatness. ‘Don’t Move to Denmark’ was amazing and BM will give a full review when the album comes out on the mighty Olive Grove and LNFG joint labels…

BM could not stay to see , shame but logistics ruled it out…

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