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We Will Survive The Coronavirus (download)

By • Nov 20th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Kendow releases his new single, ‘We Will Survive The Coronavirus’, and it is a track which gives us the hope we all need right now.

Bringing a feel-good vibe to the craziness of the world, this new track grips with a texture which is stimulating. Also, Kendow recruits vocalist Vanessa Bartley, and between them, they shine like radiant beams in the night sky.

It all gets under way with a bell which reminds me of that bell which we hear on the ‘Saved By The Bell’ soundtrack. The music then leaps forward with a funky texture which also delves into contemporary pop. Additionally, nostalgic hooks jump out, and it has an 80s feel for the most part. However, it does not sit out of place in the current scene.

Vocally, Vanessa Bartley can do little wrong. Moreover, her tone is smooth and welcoming. Also, the warmth of her words gives the track a new flavour. However, I would enjoy a few more harmonies in places, maybe Kendow could even lend a helping hand here? Nevertheless, the message is strong and too many harmonies could potentially take the limelight away from Vanessa’s mesmerising vocal performance.

Overall, ‘We Will Survive The Coronavirus’ is the track we have been waiting for since the pandemic began. Furthermore, it does not speak about the doom and gloom of the world too much. But instead, it delves down a route of optimism. For me, it is the soundtrack for the moment with it influencing us to feel joy despite the scariness of the virus.

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