Album review

Keith John Adams

There’s nothing like a songwriter who likes to get up close and personal to his fans. None, though, have done it with quite so much intimacy as Keith John Adams. Taking over where his last album, Unclever left off, this ‘album’ (if you can call it such – it’s all on the net) is all based around ideas emailed to Keith by the fans who pre-ordered Unclever. Nowhere, then, to this writer’s knowledge, has there thus far been more of a direct connection between an artist and their fanbase. Songs which are truly based on people’s personal experiences, speaking directly to them about their lives – isn’t that what music’s supposed to be about? It also means there’s cohesion and a unity from one album to the next. Not more of the same, just more good stuff. It also helps explain why, when artists take up to four years to come up with a 12-track album, this has appeared no less than a year after its initial conception. As Guns’n’Roses have recently proven, if you wait too long for the ideas to come, the ground shifts from beneath your feet. There’s real canniness at work here also – if you write about your fans’ ideas and make no secret about the fact that you are doing so, you’ll have a ready audience. It also makes the work, particularly in the case of songs such as ‘Evil Bus Depot’ and ‘Puking My Little Pony’ that bit more interesting, given that all the songs are based around the people. To sum up then, this is a work of striking originality, rather than just the usual regurgitated stories of love, lust and loss we’ve all heard a thousand times before.