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Glasgow SECC (7th December 206)

By • Dec 7th, 2006 • Category: Gig review

It’s easy to knock Kasabian. The seen it-heard it swaggery ‘we’re the greatest’ attitude, Tom’s dodgy gurnning transatlantic accent, and the dumb lyrics with the subtlety of Jade Goody at the Taj Mahal gift shop. (Topical!!)

Pre-gig, DJ Dan seems to be involved in the same game of rock bingo that can be found on second album Empire: Beatles-Bowie-Scream-Stones-Led Zep-HOUSE!!! “Ya bastard Ella a wiz waitin oun Cream fur thi Snowball….”. They strut on stage to ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and it’s pretty fitting given the adoration that’s going on in the barn tonight.

Plenty of bands lace more than their lyrics with narcotics but there is always the fear that a healthy amount of the crowd might dance if the band just took it in turns to shit into a tambourine. Just as well they fuckin rocked then….

Sun rise – attention drift.
British legion – out of place.
Processed Beats – one for the dancers, lets pick it up, rappers delight.
Inspiration to all the kids “you can make it”.
Apnoea – Live action chemical brothers
Best crowd in Britain bar none- monumental. “See you at T- in the Park”

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