Gig review


Tonight I’m a punter, I’ve brought the mother along and she’s standing with me peering over the shoulders of the two rows audience in front of us to the stage. Kasabian are killing it, with a multitude of hits from their first three albums including a couple from upcoming release Velociraptor!
Lead singer, Tom Meighan, only metres in front of us is sending us his melodies through a childish nasality. We know all the lyrics, no idea what he’s on about but we love the sordid images. He performs with an awkward aura, the rockstar sunglasses and denim jacket are ill-fitted and his gestures are out of beat. His singing however, is always on target, and it’s this mismatch that makes him all the more intriguing.   
He is surrounded by his bandmates who produce a sound unnervingly similar to the record. All the effects and synths are nailed by Ben Kealey, who controls a Hammond organ and a Korg synth. There is a constant tug of war between principle songwriter and rhythm guitarist Sergio Pizzorno and Meighan. Their vocals clash harmoniously, with Sergio taking care of the higher register and responses. I feel that Sergio’s talent and Mod look could make Tom’s position dispensible, though their stage relationship is integral to the show. Thankfully, Tom shows us the good blood giving him a kiss on the cheek mid-set.
The songs are just jaw dropping, painfully effortless. Songs like L.S.F, Underdog and Empire are performed with such an immense confidence, it’s impossible not to love them. Melodies are intricately crafted to be memorable and musical. Rhythms are channeled through the guitars that make up the band’s complex grit rock. These songs wont fade.  
Fire. There is not a band out there with a better finale. We leave bellowing the tune’s massive motive which will infiltrate Camden as we spread homeward. I save the hyperbole for lesser bands, but Kasabian… what a night.