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Kapil Seshasayee

The Ghararial/The Pink Mirror (Loner Noise)

By • Jun 19th, 2020 • Category: Single review

After a bit of gestation Kapil Seshasayee has suddenly emerged as the sound of the moment!

There have been previous tracks, an album even, but these two new tunes brim with confidence and eclectic influences. The Glasgow-based musician has a very interesting pedigree of mixing different influences, from trad Indian music to Bollywood to electronica and techno.

These two new tracks are from a forthcoming album and are both very strong indeed.

‘The Gharial’ is keyboard-led, wonky, with a very strident vocal line – hints of ’80s music and Christ knows what else – it is a flux of interesting sounds, and is very original and great for it.

‘The Pink Mirror’ starts with a massive electronic keyboard line, and other synth noises get into the mix (early Human League maybe?), and while the vocals wrestle with dilemma, cultural angst and other self-induced philosophising, there are some great jazzy solos on various instruments…

BM is pretty blown away by these tracks and thinks you will be too!

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