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Julia Thomsen

Beauty Inside And Out (labelname)

By • Sep 11th, 2020 • Category: Single review

I recently came across the new piece from the composer, Julia Thomsen. I am still wondering why I have not found her sooner because she charms with her neo-classical works giving the historic greats a genuine run for their money.

Still, up and coming, Julia is a shining light of radiance. She passionately interprets her influence into music and her new release ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ is a mirror of the beauty of the planet. It is refreshing for anyone who is consumed by the doom and gloom of the modern world. Also, it brings a feel-good sentiment which is challenging to overlook.

‘Beauty Inside And Out’ is centred around a sympathetic piano melody which opens the track tremendously well. It instantly picks us up and takes us on a journey of all things fabulous. Julia hits the keys obstinate at times, but she knows when to be subtle with plenty of soft notes being present as the track plays.

I also relish the harmonic section, which appears towards the middle of the composition. It comes with an orchestral sound with a synth driving this new harmony forward. Also, I can only imagine how colossal it would sound performed live with a full backing orchestra standing behind Julia.

For me, this track is an elegant piece of art which offers plenty to the imagination. It has the power to shift thoughts, and it is perfect for those yearning to find a space of relaxation. However, I would enjoy a few more sounds to make it into the mix because it is mainly just the piano and synth being audible. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the minimalist set up, and it makes for a mesmerising listen with happiness shining from the get-go.

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