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Julia Thomsen

Paradise (569238 Records DK)

By • May 1st, 2021 • Category: Album review

‘Paradise’ is the latest collection to arrive from classical composer Julia Thomsen. It proves to be the perfect relaxer from the get-go, with every track providing us with tranquillity.

The lead track ‘Paradise’ sits at just 1 minute and 23 seconds, but the short and sweet release hits the nail on the head for anybody looking to get away from the crazy world. It is a reflection piece with nostalgic memories instantly flowing once it gets under way.

Julia’s approach is memorable, and she taps into an emotional space with the piano arrangement plucking at the heartstrings with seamless quality. Likewise, the violin accompaniment, which rises out in the midsection, gives the piece a newfound edge, and it opens Julia’s soundscape even further.

Often, a sucker for bringing us close to a tear, Julia Thomsen does it again here with ‘Paradise’. Also, the release comes with six other beautiful tracks, which is equally as influential. Furthermore, ‘Touch’ delves deep into the senses, and it takes us close to nature with its divine quality. Similarly, ‘Spring Step’ proves to be perfect for the current season with an early summer flow that is somewhat a mirror image of the environment around us.

However, the beauty does not stop there, with ‘Reflective Nature’ also catapulting us to a peaceful corner of the globe. The album concludes with ‘Village Life Live’, which has a tender characteristic, and the piano arrangement heads off down a new route with an archaic foundation driving the way forward.

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