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Julia Thomsen

New Beginnings (569238 Records DK)

By • Dec 13th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Julia Thomsen brings the festive charm with her new delivery, ‘New Beginnings’. It is a soft release with angelic qualities seeping through the mix from the instant.

Angelic with her arrangement, Julia takes us on a ride to a cosy Christmas setting with a soundscape which leaves an indent. Also, what makes the track even more passionate is the backing harmonies which appear as the track progresses. For me, it is an emotional release. I am not often one who quickly comes to a tear with a new release, but this one took me there. Is it my age? Or is that it provides deep sentiment, I am going with the latter.

Julia, who is not shy at evolving her sound, is also helping to spread awareness for the Shelter charity this Christmas time. Moreover, she will be making donations to the charity based on sales and downloads for the release. Therefore it gives us even more reason to keep this one high on our playlists.

Musically, ‘New Beginnings’ drips radiance. It also boasts a film score influence with many comparing the melody to something out of a Home Alone film. It is easy to see how people are coming to that conclusion, given that it would not sit out of place on one of the movies.

Overall, I feel that Christmas has come early with this release. It is the perfect track to wind down too, and it gives goosebumps with every play. However, will it be enough to reach Christmas number one this year? Who knows, but it would not surprise me to see it climb the classical charts as we head to towards the big event.

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