Single review

Julia Stone

This review is criminally late, sorry Julia, if you happen to be reading this. For some reason this keeps coming up on my computer as ‘Sexy Love’ by Ne-yo, so sorry for that as well Julia, it’s clearly not, is it?

A single from her current album, this is a cut above the current female chanteuse notion, nestling somewhere between Ellie Goulding and Kathryn Williams, a good strumming tune and a slightly lispy, wispy vocal.

There are portents of doom and secret love, old fashioned “letters”, sorry WTF, I think someone did mention them to me once… Nice guitar effects solo, a trad. arr. song updated, again in a good way, cynical but effective, strangely a bit Nick Cave, from some era or other.

All in all it’s very very accomplished and world-weary, “love will find a way” indeed.