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John Rush

The Older The Grape (The Sweeter The Wine) (JR)

By • May 5th, 2021 • Category: Single review

John Rush has been building up a reputation these last few years with previous releases and some great live performances. Lockdown has put some of these things on hold but this new single is a further confirmation of his talent as a songwriter and the production is his most sophisticated yet.

The track channels Van Morrison, The Waterboys and some other influences in a celebration of the good things in life, and how they inevitably get older, but better with age.

Piano, some very interesting bass sounds accompany Rush and his guitar, as he emotes about the past, present and future. Other instruments join (including brass and harmonica) building up to a melodious and righteous racket. It is the kind of timeless track in which pretty much everyone can find something to relate to, and it takes some rare talent to do that.

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