short players (Scottish) Single review

John Rush

John Rush has been coming up through the ranks of acclaimed singer/songwriters for a wee while now, and his last pre-lockdown headlining gig sold out Room 2 in Glasgow. This follows on from his last (Christmas single) and is a heartfelt tale of love sorrows, accompanied only by a piano.

John has a uniquely soulful voice and is lends itself to this kind of ballad, tugging at the heartstrings but never too maudlin. The chord progression is single but classy and the track as a whole sounds very mature but still raw with emotion.

Rush has an online gig coming up, again recorded at Room 2, on 26th February, using Immersive Television to try to create that intimate live experience, and interacting with fans via Zoom. In these Covid times this is the best we can get!