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Joe Germlin

No Master Dynamics (ADAADAT)

By • Mar 7th, 2018 • Category: long players

Joe Howe, aka Germlin, has been making music at the more ‘alternative’ end of the electronic spectrum for many years now, collaborating with the likes of Momus on his Sunbutler project.

Previous releases have delved into ‘glitchcore’ – jerky, pulsating instrumentals with off-kilter beats – and ‘chiptune’ – blips and squawks reminiscent of a retro video game. However, Howe’s latest release brings in more regular rhythms, and catchy hooks – well, some of the time.

‘Slime’ has an infectious theme, while ‘Chainscooter’ sounds like a puggy is about to pay out. And while ‘Rollerskating Jam’ has the doomy chords of (early) Human League, there’s also a fair amount of vocals here, as grime and garage influence.

However, it’s not (at) all easy listening – ‘Cuts and Scratches’ pretty much sums itself up – so long-term followers shouldn’t be disappointed.

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