Single review

Jimmy Screech

Debut singles come in one of two forms. They’re either too arrogant for their own good or their enthusiasm and fire zaps you the listener right between the eyes. This single, thankfully, falls in the latter camp. The brash, strident rhythms strike up right from the start, lodging firmly the in brain like fish hooks. It takes reggae (the original dance music) right back to its grubby roots on the dance floor. This single has a very live sound, which means that it is easy to imagine it going down well in clubs. The question as to whether Jimmy Screech can sustain this kind of magic over a whole album has to be raised, but if he can, he’s set himself up for a long and successful career. Echoes of Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley shine through – he’s got the rhythms of one and the voice of the other. He’s also got a determined voice of his own which has been carefully nurtured and shines through at all times. Like Marley and Cliff also, Jimmy Screech’s sound is rooted in the reggae underground and the sleazy cool associated shines through here at all times, to winning effect. A sure-fire hit.