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Jenny Ritter Band / Lucinda Williams

This was the first of a few shows for the Jenny Ritter band at this year’s festival.

They weren’t originally on the bill for this gig but realising there was an opening they pitched for the spot.

Helped immensely, as Jenny explained in a break between songs as she attempted to tune her jetlagged banjo, by the fact they named their boat after Lucinda Williams.

Her songs have something whimsical about them but judging by the between song banter that’s probably something that is true in their day to day lives.

They’re Indie folk songs with a heavy Americana influence and have some nice arrangements.

Some songs push towards the folk side with more fiddles and banjo and others towards indie guitar based song writing.

They lack a drummer but you’d not notice as the songs have plenty of rhythm.

At various points the guys in her band all provided backing vocals.

The contrast with her sweet but strong voice worked really well, especially at the end of the set when their Swedish guest Simon Nyberg joined them.

They didn’t have the longest set to play but they did do it with some style and some really good stage craft.

Seeing Lucinda Williams after this was a bonus.

The first thing that struck me about them is how effortlessly rock and roll they look.

It’s in everything about them, from the album covers and t­shirts on the merch stand to the way their crew look, the clothes they wore, the drummer’s 10 gallon hat and the first line she sang. “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.

The second is the connection to the festival because she’s basically doing contemporary American Folk songs.

Sure there’s country, blues and rock influences in the music too as well as lyrics that take us on quite personal journeys of life and loss.

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Hi there! Thank you for the sweet review! Lovely words.

I wonder if you would let me use some of your photos, with credit given, of course? I’d love to post some on my website! Send me an e mail and let me know?

Jenny (and co)

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