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Jennifer Porter

Sun Come And Shine (Cougar Moon)

By • Jul 15th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Maine singer-songwriter Jennifer Porter’s new single is the title track from current album ‘Sun Come And Shine’, and it brings joy to the music community, which everyone will appreciate right now.

Jennifer takes the audience on a memorable journey, bringing diverse styles and sounds to the table. Furthermore, the tune begins with a soulful, bluesy rhythm, and legendary drummer Bernard Purdie builds a captivating beat rhythm to give the entire production a firm basis.

We also hear a mesmerising trumpet delivery from Blood Sweat and Tears’ Steve Jankowski, as well as Tom Timko on the sax. It’s a fantastic addition that provides Jennifer with a distinct advantage over other artists in the game.

Jennifer’s voice is as soothing as they come, with a quiet vocal tone that transports us to a peaceful place. Her charisma shines through her vocals right away, and it doesn’t fade as she progresses through her set. Her story is also captivating, with the singer talking about good times returning while reflecting on the past and experiences she has had during her career.

Jennifer pushes even further into her vocal register in the closing moments, rising to the top of the mix with her high tones delighting the senses. She does not hold back, giving it her all, creating the perfect retreat from current times.

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