Single review

Jehnny Beth

Electrifyingly and powerfully so, Jehnny Beth offers an unforgettable experience with her single ‘We Will Sin Together’, defining herself as a dynamic contribution to the music of today.

The track is a single from the captivating artist’s critically acclaimed (and rightly so) debut album ‘To Love Is To Live’, released in June of this year, in which Beth shrugs off her ‘Savages’ and ‘John and Jehn’ alter-egos, and establishes herself as not only a solo artist for the first time, but also as one of the most unique, idiosyncratic artists of 2020 thus far.

The track opens up with a cinematic soundscape. Before the song starts, we get a continuous, single note that crescendos over a few brutally anticipated seconds, and already we are stirred, lying right in the palm of Beth’s hand.

The track then progresses and explodes with mood and atmosphere. Thanks to the dark synthetic beats and pangs, the layered, out-of-time vocals and those minor piano chords that push their way through, the single oozes with drama, intensity and charm within its primary moments.

As the song then continues with passion and brilliance towards its end, it quite quickly becomes something much more intense. As more sound effects are added, background vocals are issued and those already existing effects become louder, layered and clustered, the track becomes claustrophobic and suffocating, forcing you to encapsulate yourself into it, and what has been created is almost uncomfortable yet complete genius.

Throughout the track Beth sings about murder, sex, lust, damnation and looking for trouble as well as chasing it. It is through these themes and lyricisms that she manages to create this surreal sensually sexual atmosphere, as well as a hauntingly dark one. This is apparent from such lines as: “All I want is your sexy eyes, your legs parting to the skies”, and “I’ll take you down with me”. The writing on the track is provoking, cheeky and indelible and shows that the song is as engrossing on a lyrical front as it is on an instrumental one.

‘We Will Sin Together’ is surprising at every turn, it is so fascinatingly distinct, experimental, and outrageous that it ingrains itself into your memory. The passion Beth has drip fed into this track is astounding, and within every corner of the track she exudes an energy that seems as though she’s on fire.