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Jeff Bell

Turned Every Screw (Rhythm Of The System)

By • Feb 27th, 2015 • Category: long players

Depeche Mode once had a big hit with an album called Songs Of Faith And Devotion. Jeff Bell might have done well to call this one Songs Of Wrath, Emotion And Vengeance.
Because that’s exactly what this album is. Tunes such as ‘Guess It Worked’ and ‘All I See Is You’ wreak of experience and a life lived on the tightrope between joyous hope and eternal frustration.
This is a real Pandora’s Box of an album. You want to peek inside and not knowing whether you’ll be stabbed or embraced by the next song makes the temptation to do so all the more exciting.
This is a very tight set where every note is toughened and sweetened by beautiful folksy arrangements.

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