Single review

Jameel Mason

Jameel Mason is the New Jersey rapper who is taking the world by storm with his mesmerising new release ‘Quarantine Mami’.

Rap is flowing through Jameel’s veins. As a result, he raps with meaning, and his articulation is on point with every word resonating instantly. His message is one about love. He has a strong admiration for an exceptional lover, and he wants the world to know. So much so, he pens a heartfelt message to her, and we hear it within his lyrical arrangement.

On the other side of the message is Alix Ford. She responds to his message with charisma. Again, showing vast amounts of praise, she sings with an angelic quality which gives the track an added layer of passion. I relish how the pair of them fit together like hand in glove, and sound genuine with their words.

Musically, ‘Quarantine Mami’ is refreshing. It takes a hint from various sources, and I can even hear a blend of dancehall within sections. However, as a whole, it stays true to good old hip-hop, and it would not surprise me to hear this one blasting out of hip hop basements far and wide. Nevertheless, a more unique direction musically could have been advantageous, given that it does sound slightly similar to Drake and 50 Cent. But, Jameel adds his own mark through his vocals, and it would take a damn stern listener to fault his performance on this piece.

Overall, ‘Quarantine Mami’ is comfortably one of the finest hip-hop releases of its time. It has irresistible energy, and I enjoy how relatable it is, especially during the current times we are living through at the moment.

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