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Jackal Trades / Rebecca Wallace

Drygate 5th Anniversary party, Glasgow (May 25th 2019)

By • Jun 1st, 2019 • Category: Gig review

This marathon event involved a good few bands
, and in the “performance space” there were the hardcore of Mark’s (aka McGhee, of Girobabies, Jackal Trades and other monikers) peeps here to see him.

BM has been continually impressed by Mr McGhee’s body of work over the past few years and the depth of it. Typically this gig is fitted in between stints at Knockengorroch Festival doon the road, this same weekend.

Beginning along with Gordon on acoustic guitar, Mark spits out some words from the amazing ‘Trip Hazard Advisor’ album, then ramps it up more with Gordon on drums and laptop. Joined by female foil Jo D’Arc latterly, this was a righteous rant through the current Jackal Trades set. ‘The House That Jack Built’ is the highlight but the other tracks are also great, and there is at least one oldie ‘I Am The Fear’ – a great set and Mark must be one of the hardest working guys in the business. BM can’t even get even get into his worldview, it is too complex to discuss at this late hour but this guy’s range of subjects and constantly skipping wordplay is incredible and leaves BM speechless at times…

Rebecca Wallace did backing vocals on a couple of the Jackal Trades tracks and again impressed with her set. Using loops and some nifty guitar playing, she built up a fine few songs, and my God she has a fine set of pipes on her, piercing but very tuneful. Witty and opinionated, BM had to leave but wants to see more of RB in the near future…

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