short players (Scottish) Single review

Jackal Trades

This is the second track from the forthcoming Jackal Trades album – and it is another twisted meditation on the modern world, which is ironic given that BM is listening to this track on a smartphone which every time it goes to screensaver the track starts jumping (entirely BM’s fault for having crap tech!). Never mind, the track is released tomorrow (4th June) and will be available on very reliable digital platforms!

On this track Jackal Trades mainman Mark McGhee has employed Physiks on the beats (a great piano and strings motif with some additional bass/electronic percussion) with additional production, mixing and mastering by Morphamish.

The bpm is low, the tone menacing and the lyrics disturbing – “Arguing with friends/”Arguing with strangers on the internet” characterises the rabbitholes that people can get themselves down, heightened by lockdown and other forms of isolation – MM really gets to the nub of some of these everyday issues, the clash between people’s personal opinions and the faceless platforms on which they are being hosted (like this one!).

The track actually chills BM to the bone, so it has done its job, sometimes we all need to take a step back… another great piece of work from Jackal Trades.

“Accept all cookies”!